Filmmakers and prototyping often require very custom 3 dimensional graphical objects. We’ve provided a multitude of “hero” pieces over our 35 years that are used in close up photography, films and for presentations. Whether it be a recreation of an actual product with cleaned up graphics or a fake product with a made up logo, a costume, storefront or sign we’ve done it all and always love a new challenge.

  • One of a Kind Solutions

    We solve unique problems for prototypes, awards, sales pieces, odd shapes and materials.

  • Unique Branding

    We can help you with wood carving, glass carving and many special techniques used to make something truly unique and special.

  • LED’s and Motorized Props

    Ask us about our custom creative solutions. Through your imagination and our ingenuity, you’ll have something you can call your own.

  • Removable Graphics

    We have various techniques for hanging and adhering graphics that won’t damage the surfaces they’re placed on.

  • Quick Creative logos and artwork

    We create hand lettering, designs, logos, mock-ups and sketches as well as photoshop work; up-rezzing and retouching.

  • Hero

    We craft extra special products, logos and more for close up photography, video and film props.