It’s your party and no one elses! For the most impressive party and event designs, we offer eye-cathing decorations and centerpieces! Let’s make the most of your event – be shiny, striking, startling. You find trade shows and exhibitions
the most exciting events on earth? Reason enough for your stand to grab attention with cutting-edge designs, complex wall-graphics and informative show cards.
Even for your retail stores we offer custom-fit solutions. Create a magnificent shopping experience with displays that inform and catch the eye and make customers see what you want them to see. You have the most entertaining store concept in mind? Let us help you turn your dream into reality! Easily highlight your products with unique wall graphics and POP displays. Cleverly designed wall graphics and posters can help guiding customers on their journey through your store making sure your unique brand and offers are seen and appreciated.

  • Parties and Events

    We offer decoration, centerpieces and backdrops for parties and events of all sizes across many industries.

  • Retail

    Products stand out with our custom sho-cards, posters, displays, wall graphics, shelf-talkers, windows, POP displays, banners and more.

  • Trade Shows & Exhibitions

    We have decades of experience executing artist statements, wall graphics, show cards, graphic flats and other trade show displays.